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How do i delete Music i synched to my phone from my pc?

i synched a bunch of music to my phone. i wanted to add more but decided to remove some old music first.  i couldnt.  i have looked all through the phone and cant find anywhere that gives me the option.  does anyone know how to delete music from the phones memory?

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Re: How do i delete Music i synched to my phone from my pc?

What phone do you have? There should be an option to look through either what's on a media card or internal media in your option menu. On my Android smartphone I have to find the file manager, which when selected shows me a choice between media card or internal media. I then choose which one the media I want to delete is located in, then look for the right folder such as Videos, Pictures, Music. In this case I'd pick "Music" then view all the mp3's there. As I view each mp3 a garbage bin is visible on the bottom right of the screen. I pic an mp3, select it, and then choose delete. On regular cell phones I think you'd have to search for the internal media or inserted media card by getting into the menu, usually with the center "ok" button. Then scroll through until you find something like "Settings" or "Tools" and look for "Memory", which would then be selected. From there you'd have to pic "Phone Memory" or "Card Memory" depending on where you music was saved. Once you pick what you want to delete you pick the right " --- " symbol on the phone (upper right) and an option for erase or moving the item is shown. then you'd choose delete and then press the center "OK" button. It may be different for iphones or certain types of other regular cell phones

Re: How do i delete Music i synched to my phone from my pc?
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We'll be happy to help you remove unwanted music from your phone. First, we'll need to confirm basic information. Is this on the Nokia Lumia 928? Do you have your music saved to the Music Video native App or a different app? Lastly, do you have all your information backed up to the cloud? Please let us know.

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Re: How do i delete Music i synched to my phone from my pc?

Easiest way is to connect it to your computer and delete the files you don't want in your music folder.  In terms of deleting the files with your phone, i dont think there is a way.  You can try long pressing the song to see what options pop up.  If not then you have to connect to a computer