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How in the world do I know my phone is backed up?

I started out loving my Windows phone / Nokia 822; but lately everything seems to be malfunctioning.

I want to do a factory reset but first I want to know my phone is backed up and that I can get things back after I reset the 822.

My problems are these:

Windows phone backup cannot complete - there is an error with the microsoft account.  It would be nice if I could see what account that is, but the idiots don't tell you that.

Next backup assistant says it has backed up my phone - but where oh where could that backup be?  I'd like to know that one.  But My Verizon / Manage and Store media isn't the place to find out; and all the chat agents are too busy chatting, and heaven forbid that Verizon would allow you to email them.

So I turn to this forum.  Can anyone tell me if there is a way to backup people (contacts) and be sure they're backed up and then get them back because I just know when I do a 'soft' reset I'm going to lose all these contacts.

(I knew I should have stayed on an iPhone).

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

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Re: How in the world do I know my phone is backed up?
Sr. Leader
Sr. Leader

from a pc, go to my verizon:

sign in to your my verizon account.

on the left side of the screen, click see more options.

click manage contacts.

your contacts will either be there, or it will prompt you to set up your cloud backup account.

i'm not sure yet how to find my microsoft account info yet? i know i had to set one up when i set up the phon, but i haven't checked it out yet. not sure if i even remember the email name i

Re: How in the world do I know my phone is backed up?

No, afraid not.

I go to manage contacts and there is a screen, empty and devoid of any contact.

Lots of controls to add one, but nothing, nada, zip, zilch.

If I wait long enough an error message pops up saying that there is an error trying to connect to the internet and to try again later; which doesn’t have anything to do with being on the internet at the moment, I know because I am doing other things on the internet as this message pops up.

I can only conclude therefore that Verizon’s systems are on the fritz, have been for some time, and that they are completely unaware of it, or are incapable of fixing it.

The real issue here is a different one which I have been posting about all over the Windows phone forums, but I may as well be trying to talk with rocks.

Microsoft doesn’t get it.  Nokia doesn’t get it.  Verizon doesn’t get it.

Backing up a phone means the whole device image is backed up, backed up somewhere that I control.

I don’t want to back up part of the phone’s data to the cloud anywhere.

I want to be able to back the whole thing up to my local drive on my local PC.

I could do that with Apple.  As soon as I can, I’m dumping this useless Windows toy and getting a device from a company that is serious about providing me a communication device.

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Re: How in the world do I know my phone is backed up?

I have no interest in any Verizon contact/backup options as the built-in Microsoft features provide all I need.  More importantly, none of your contacts are actually stored on your phone, they're just cached from whatever account you use.  For example, I use Google to store all my contacts and link any Facebook/Microsoft contacts that share the same details.  I'm guessing you just need to add back whatever account you used for your contacts and they'll reappear.

When I got my Lumia 928 I signed into my Microsoft account on the new phone and was presented with my old HTC 8X backup as an option to restore.  It brought back my text messages and settings, and downloaded all of the apps I had installed (but not the settings within the apps).  I then copied my photos I had from syncing to my PC back into the "Camera Roll" folder on the Lumia 928 and was back in action.

If the whole device image was backed up I couldn't restore all that, as it's different hardware.  It would be nice to have individual app settings backed up as well, but most of my apps I just sign in to and use remote stored settings anyways.

Sorry if this doesn't help you, but I imagine a factory reset will present you with the same restore option after you sign into your Microsoft account.

Re: How in the world do I know my phone is backed up?

Well, that makes sense... and it is interesting that a fellow user needs to explain all that.  Msft can’t put that into the Windows Phone OS?  Can put it on their help page?  Nokia and Verizon both can’t explain that either?

As to the different phone device issue – it is a valid point; however in this day of being able to do ‘clean machine’ backups on servers and PCs, the notion that somehow smart devices are any different is moot.

I did check my account and the contacts are there... in the cloud; so again, I cannot back it up to my PC... yet.

I did some more snooping through myriad google searches of Nokia.

Just to make things clear a mud, there is a Nokia PC suite and a Nokia Suite... so now I’m going to try the Nokia Suite and see how far I can get.

Thanks for you help



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Re: How in the world do I know my phone is backed up?
Customer Support

Hey there Randyvol,

The Nokia 822 is a great phone, but before we do a factory reset on your phone, I would like to complete the proper troubleshooting to see if it is necessary.

What problems are you having with the device? Any physical or water damage? Do you have insurance?

To answer your original question, any pictures, songs, or videos would be backed up to you SD card if you have one.

When you run back up assistant, does it tell you that you ran it successfully? Does it give you a number of contacts backed up?

Please provide additional details so I can better assist.

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