How many Windows Phone users are on the Verizon network?
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Maybe we need to reframe the issue.  What does VZW  stand to loose if WP users switch to ATT?

It is obvious from VZW responses to the posts on this issue that they think there is some little feature or two that we are looking for that they can point us towards on an Android or iPhone.  For whatever reason they don't seem to get the whole ecosystem concept provided by WP. 

Apparently there are so few WP users that it makes no difference to ATT what we want.  So I get the feeling this is a lost cause and as many WP users as possible should switch to ATT in support of that carrier's support of us.

How many Windows Phone users are on the Verizon network?

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The Windows Phones are an awesome set of devices that I know have a very dedicated set of fans.  I count myself among them.
While I would never be able to provide device specific information like that on our customer base, we do want to help find the best available phone for you that we are carrying. 
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This answer is what you call a "dodge" - it seems to answer the question or address the issue but it really doesn't

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That's a great question.  But if we consider that VZW employees have actively pushed people away from Windows phones, the number of people using Windows devices on the VZW network is smaller than it should be.  If often wonder how big MSFT's market share would be if all of the carriers treat each platform equally.

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This is one reason service providers need to be device Agnostic. Get the phones out of the carriers' stores, let the customers bring whatever device they long as it is designed to operate on the carrier's network...and activate it on the spot. That way iOS, Android, Windows and BlackBerry would all on equal footing.


The only way for that to happen is to have carriers stop selling and subsidizing phones. Everyone deals with the manufacturer for device problems and carriers only for service problems. Block C rules and future auction rules helps out, but people need to start buying their phones from outside sources and manufacturers need to make carrier agnostic devices.

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That is the direction the industry is heading...albeit slower than molasses flowing uphill. Verizon Wireless has shifted away from subsidized phones as has at&t in favor of 24 month financing options.

Apple and Samsung are getting in on financing phones. If Microsoft chooses to remain in the handset market, it might try that as well...especially with any flagship models which will likely sport high price tags.