How to fix various Lumia 928 issues
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First off, your best resource is the Lumia 928 forums on WPCentral.

Second I've compiled a few of the simpler fixes to the common issues plaguing this phone


Uninstall all Bing programs

Clear Internet Cache' often

Clear temporary files in "Storage Check" often

Screen Freeze:

-Soft Reset - Volume Down button + Power button

-Change screen touch sensitivity to normal instead of High

-Change Brightness to medium instead of Auto

-Be sure your screen is clean and isn't covered in oil and grease

Battery drain

-Turn off all background tasks unless they are super necessary

-turn off "Find My Phone" option

-Sync back-up and all accounts manually not automatically

-close programs (back out of them instead of pressing the windows button)

-Remove apps if you notice the drain after install or change app settings to reduce battery drain

-you may be in a bad reception area that is constantly switching the phone antennas from 1x to 3g to LTE

-check to see if your e-mail accounts are syncing properly.  If not remove account and try setting it up again

Signal/data issues

-Sim card replacement

-wasnt activated correctly

-you're in a dead zone

If nothing works, have it replaced.  If the second phone is broken...get a replacement at another store to rule out that the original store has an entire stock of a bad batch of phones

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