How to remove City ID ???
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How do you remove or uninstall City ID???


Back when I first got my phone, Verizon "nicely" pre-installed this app.   While it was still in demo mode, it would tag each and every call with its best guess at an originating city and state.


However, now that the demo period has expired, and I refuse to pay Verizon for this rather overpriced and worthless app, it is still tagging each and every call.  However, instead of tagging it with its originating city and state, it now tags each call with origin  "Unknown".  I mean, why not simply a null string (ie " "), but I guess Verizon just has to inflict some sort of annoyance or pain for not subscribing?     :smileymad:


I assume the only way to stop City ID from tagging each call as "Unknown" is to actually stop it from running at all.  That would mean to uninstall it.


So, Verizon, how do I do that?

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Last night I was trying to remove CityID from my LG8575. (I know its old but I like it.) It came up when I had to do a system restore on the phone.

I just went round and round with Verizon's phone Tech Support telling me to "highlight CityID" in Media Center and choose "options". But everytime I touched "CityID" it opened the app with no "options" ever displaying.

I just found the secret trick. Go to MediaCenter - Browse & Download, there you should see "CityID." To the right of the name on the same line is a grey icon with a white dot in the middle. Touch that icon and up pops the options menu. Then choose "Remove." And away it goes.

Neither Verizon CS or Tech Support seemed to know, they just kept saying "Highlight CityID" and then didn't know why the "options menu" didn't come up.