I can't hear calls I receive or hear the calls I make.

I dropped my phone yesterday afternoon and haven't been able to hear the other person on the call that came in.  I can place a call, but I can't hear the phone ringing or hear if the other person answers the call or speaks.  I checked to see if Bluetooth was on. It was so I disabled it, but still have the same issues.  Is my phone damaged beyond repair?  I have a Samsung Intensity III that is several years old.  I need to hang on to it a little longer if I can.

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Re: I can't hear calls I receive or hear the calls I make.
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AmyQue, being able to hear the people on a phone call is important. Let's see what we can do to help out. Have you been able to turn the phone on to speaker phone to see if you can have a conversation with the other person? Also, I would recommend on trying to power off the device remove the battery for 30 seconds and place it back together and re-try the phone calls. Keep us posted.

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