I hate this windows 8 phone.

I started with a windows 7 phone because I was trying to be different and not do a Iphone., the 7 was fine no complaints. Then I upgraded to windows 8

and the problems started. first the the phone would just shut off. and I wouldnt know If it turned 2 min. ago or a hour ago and how many calls I missed.

after fighting with verizon and resetting the phone which Is a big pain ,because you have to re install all apps and organize them and it takes hours. so they send me another for warranty never new only a certified problem phone.have same problems even though they say they never heard of it. but everybody talks about it here (they must not read there own sight) next the phone says connected to wifi  yet my data is going the the roof. they send me another and again 4-5 hours making the switch with apps. now I lose apps and cant get them back like yellow pages and gas buddy.  I am tired and seconds  away to going to

tmobile because they will buy out my penalty then I can get the iphone because verizon wont do anything but charge me full price if I want it.

I have done this already with my daughters samsung garbage phones, went thru 4 of those to, they kept getting hot while charging and shutting off while in use. replacement after replacement I bite the bullet and pay the 300 to get her out and into the iphone,(i am getting upset as i type this).

now after 6 months with her phone not problem or a hint of one. I have another year before I can get the iphone like I should of .

I will more than likely switch to another phone company because lack of help with these problems, all verizon wants to do Is charge me with my already high phone bill of 180.00 a months for 2 phones and that upsets me that phone have become a major expense.

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Re: I hate this windows 8 phone.

Im not sure i dislike them as much as you do but there are some thins left wanting thatts for sure