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I've called them anti-consumer. It's only fair I give them kudos

I just found a bogus 3rd party charge on my bill for $9.99, for "Premium Messaging".  I called customer no-service, and told them I wanted it removed.  She told me it was for a text subscription application, something like, "Ampedology" or something like that.  Then she asked me if I wanted that kind of messages blocked.  Hmmm...  Interesting.  I'd heard Clark Howard on the radio say that the phone companies had no interest in stopping this kind of third party charging, since the phone companies get a cut of the charge.

So after I got off the phone, I went to Clark's site, certain I was correct, and I found this article in which he states that Verizon is doing something right, and despite Verizon's getting it right, ATT insists on continuing to do it wrong.

So here you go, Verizon.  I've called you anti-consumer in the past, and I will continue to call you out on it when I see it as you do it so well and so often, but in this case you got it right, so you deserve kudos.  Thanks.

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Re: I've called them anti-consumer. It's only fair I give them kudos

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