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Icon - Still no Cyan or Denim

Icon is the only Lumia phone in North America still on "Black".

Flagship my arse!

Can't one assume if you have the "Flagship" phone that you have the best phone on the market? Can't one also assume that you buy the latest & greatest phone that you would receive updates before the older models because you were told this when you bought the phone? (Yes, Elector, not in the contract. We all know your broken record replies!! No need to reply unless you want the 10,000 points for a $5 gift card to VZW)

Can't one also, also, assume, after dropping a "flagship" phone after 6 months that the carrier doesn't care about you or your silly old Windows Phone.

I still hold onto the "Bait & Switch" scenario I was roped into to buy this phone. Anyone else thinking Class-Action lawsuit?

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Re: Icon - Still no Cyan or Denim
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Besides the fact you can't file one what would be the reason. Those kind of help with lawsuits.

Re: Icon - Still no Cyan or Denim

I agree.  I was told that I would get the update when I bought the phone.  I should have had them put that in writing.  How was I to know that I was being lied to or that the sales person didn't know any better.  Either way it appears that Verizon doesn't care about good customer service.  My lesson is learned.  I'm going to a different carrier when my contract is up.

Re: Icon - Still no Cyan or Denim

I switched to AT&T and couldn't be happier.  Got a sweet lumia 1520 sporting 8.1 and Cyan.  Waiting for Denim to role out soon.