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Icon users - if you're looking for Cyan......

I decided to contact support for myself to see what they say. Here's the transcript.

My name is Kim, how may I assist you?

Visitor: Hello! I have the Lumia Icon and I was wondering if you guys have ANY idea when we can expect to get the Cyan update? And furthermore, the Denim update that we are supposed to get before the end of the year?

Kim: Good Afternoon!

Kim: Great question! We do not have an idea of when the software updates will be made available by the phone manufacturer. You can definitely reach out to Nokia and see when the updates would be available for download from their site or when they would be pushed out to your phone once they have been tested.

Visitor: Really? They are saying it's being held up by Verizon.....

Kim: I would be more than happy to get a link from the manufacturer's site and then put it here in to the chat for you.

Kim: We do test it before they release it, however the software does come from the manufacturer for the phone

Kim: >>>Click Here<<< 

***if you click this link and go to Nokia's website, you find this:

Latest software release for Nokia Lumia Icon is 1028.3566.1417.0047

The availability of this update may depend on your network service provider. To check for updates, on your phone, tap Settings -> phone update.

Kim: Here is a link to the manufacturer's site

Kim: What else may I take a look at with you today?

Visitor: Even on their website it says that it is dependent upon your service provider. Does this mean since you guys don't know anything we are probably just never getting it since you don't plan to continue selling the Icon?

Kim: We complete the testing for the software and then provide our results to the manufacturer per the information that was provided by our network engineers

Kim: As far as the information that I have available to me, the software is then sent back to the manufacturer in order for it to be released to the devices and made available on the manufacturer website.

Kim: I am not sure why the information on their page reflects that it is based on the cellular service provider

Visitor: I don't know, but I'm being told that by everyone....I love this phone, but I'm starting to think I signed into a 2-year plan for an outdated phone 😕

So, I don't think we'll ever get a correct response.....

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Re: Icon users - if you're looking for Cyan......

Just found this on Twitter.....


Re: Icon users - if you're looking for Cyan......

What is interesting is that the ICON (929) was not even on this old leak from evleaks:


Re: Icon users - if you're looking for Cyan......

Before Lumia Black, I had the Nokia 521 and was through T-mobile. We were pretty much the LAST to get the upgrade. When we switched to the Icon, I was ecstatic thinking SURELY we'd get the update early because it's the new ICON, it's 'top-of-the-line' and it's on Verizon, not T-mobile.....we *ALMOST* went with the 1020, but after checking specs we liked this option better. I'm not saying I don't like my Icon, I LOVE it, but I just thought I'd be higher up on the totem pole for updates now.....finding out that they are discontinuing the Icon was even MORE heartbreaking because now my 'top-of-the-line' phone will end up being a paperweight in a year (maybe less).
Another thing that really burns me is that when they announced the Denim, I was so excited because Icon was one of the FIRST to get it. I was thinking, "Oh, well, I won't be so upset about the Cyan delay if we get Denim first." but now that Icon is the bottom of the barrel, I kinda think we may get left behind with that one.