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Installing .cab on Samsung Omnia II i920

I apologize in advance to those who frequent this message board more so than others if I am asking a question that may have been answered previously.  I did attempt to search the existing posts for an answer, but was not able to find exactly what I was searching for.


My issue is that I am attempting to utilize the capability of using my Omnia II phone as a hot spot to connect our laptop to the internet while on vacation.  I have found numerous and very detailed posts on what *.cab files to use & how to modify the settings.  My issue is getting the *.cab file to the phone & then running the *.cab file to install the app onto the phone.  I have used other phones such as the Motorola Q9C in the past, and that phone has a File Manager where I could simply navigate the filing system directly on the phone to where I copied the *.cab file while sync'd to the PC & run it.  The Omnia II doesn't seem to have that option, so I am a bit confused as to where I copy the *.cab file from my PC to the phone, and then where I go to on the phone itself to subsequently run the appropriate apps.


Any comments/suggestions/directions anyone can give will be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Installing .cab on Samsung Omnia II i920

The O2 does have a file system that you can access using the phones file explorer from the start menu. You can put your cab file on the phone a few different ways. I prefer the usb mode. Start>Setting>General Settings>USB Connection then select Mass Storage/My Storage. At this point when you connect your phone to the computer, your computer will recognize your phone as a usb card and assign it a hard drive letter. You can then copy and paste it to your phone my storage folder. You can then navigate to and install it from your phone using the the phone explorer.

Re: Installing .cab on Samsung Omnia II i920

Another way could be to email the file to your phone.  Or, if the website you're downloading from has it in cab format (not msi or exe), you can download directly with the phone.