International Travel Pass, roaming data vs WiFi
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I thought I understood how to minimize roaming data use and kept my iPhone in Airplane Mode for most of the time I was in the Netherlands. But I got almost daily messages from Verizon that a new Travel Pass day had begun and my subsequent bill showed nine days of Travel Pass use. (I did turn Airplane Mode off on three occasions when I needed GPS, but I returned to Airplane Mode each time, so I expected three charges of $10 apiece.) I called Verizon and they will credit $60 to my next bill, but they asserted that their records showed that I was using data every day. QUESTION: If I am using WiFi in someone's home, but go back to Airplane Mode when I leave the house, shouldn't that avoid the charges? I am confused and want to figure it out before my next trip. 

Re: International Travel Pass, roaming data vs WiFi
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Hello VWLD,


The Netherlands sounds amazing! I hope it was a great trip.


We want to do all we can to set you up for success during all your travels. Wi-Fi access is not considered an ironclad protection from TravelPass days activating- if the Wi-Fi connection lapses at any point in time and data or messaging use occurs in the background, this will trigger a TravelPass session.


I recommend staying in Airplane mode even when connected to Wi-Fi, because this doesn't cut off your access to the local Wi-Fi network but does cut off cellular service. Put another way, any time you are not in Airplane Mode you are opening the door to potential cellular usage, even momentary, which would trigger a session. I hope this information helps!