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Issue with 3G

I have noticed an issue twice in the last 2 days. I have been in 2 different locations where I dropped to a 3g connection.

When I went to get email I started receiving certificate errors on both my email account.....corporate Exchange and Office 365.

As soon as I got back to LTE it was fine. Since it was 2 seperate accounts it seems to be some issue with 3g

These were 2 totally geographic seperate areas. Phone and txt seems to work fine.

I never tried to web browse, so not sure if was all data??

Just wondered if anyone else has seen this?



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Re: Issue with 3G
Customer Support

Losing connection is definitely an issue while traveling to different areas so I truly understand why you're concerned herbm. I would like to recommend some steps to help with the connection issues and certificate errors. I recommend clearing the cache and browser history periodically. Here are the steps

1) From the Start screen, select the right arrow (located in the upper-right).
2) Select Settings.
3) Swipe left or right to access applications settings.
4) Select Internet Explorer.
5) Select delete history.
The following information will be deleted: Temporary files Visited website content stored on the device. The cache enables the browser to download only the content that has changed since the last time a website was visited. Since the browser only downloads changed content, pages are loaded faster. History A listing of URLs (website addresses) that have been recently visited. Cookies Cookies are used to store information that helps personalize the Web browsing experience. Cookies may contain information including: website preferences, login settings, shopping cart contents and more. Saved passwords Login credentials previously stored on the device.
6) Select delete.

Additionally, ensure you're clearing old/long test threads emails to clear memory. Also remove any problematic applications on your phone. Keep us posted and please provide us with the zipcode to the two different areas. If one area is 4g and you moved to 3g, that is where the signal may have fluctuated. I hope the information is helpful.


Re: Issue with 3G

Thanks for the answer....

But this was an Email issue..not browsing. I have 2 Email accounts and both stopped working while on 3g, then worked when I got a  4g signal.

Shouldnt this work on 3g or 4g? just slower on 3g?

One location was Santa Monica, California 90401

The other was Pasadena, CA 91101

These are not remote areas, so I was surprised that I was only getting 3g.

But the issue is more why 3g didnt work?