Kyocera Dura XV

Hello! My aunt’s Kyocera Dura XV Extreme moved to Extended Network this weekend at her residence. It has worked fine for around a year and a half, and she has not had any coverage related issues at her house.  We restarted the phone multiple times, but Extended Network appears across the top banner instead of Verizon Wireless. After it boots, it says Verizon Wireless then moves back to Extended Network. Phone calls/texts seem to work ok, but I’m not sure why she isn’t on Verizon at her home.

She is located in Louisville KY. Any ideas how to fix this? 

Re: Kyocera Dura XV
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Did she turn on WIFI or setup the #1 button for Emergencies which can turn on the WiFi? My does the same sometimes and I use WiFi to save data rather than using verizons network data.