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LG Cosmos 2 constantly in "call state" and "data session"

I have had my LG Cosmos 2 for a little over a year, and starting this summer my battery began losing life and I noticed  that two icons were constantly on my home screen, "In Call State" and "Data Session" I called Verizon several times and ended up resetting my phone entirely. This ended the problem for a while, but over the last two weeks it has been happening again. Now my battery doesn't last a day, I lose calls, and I am annoyed!

I have data blocked from my plan because I don't use the phone for anything accept for texting and phone calling. I have also attempted to restart my phone, take battery out, update software and roaming capabilities...nothing works. Please Help!!

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Re: LG Cosmos 2 constantly in "call state" and "data session"
Super User
Super User

Maybe a new battery will help - you can probably find an OEM online for less than $20 at sites like,, and several others - I usually google the battery make and model and then try to find the best price, free shipping, etc - making sure to get an OEM rather than an after market brand.

If it's not the battery, then has the phone been wet or damp (high humidity?) that could be messing with connections?  Since you have already had it in to Verizon for troubleshooting, I'm not sure there's much we can do, unless someone else has had the same issue and figured out what the cause and fix are.  My "guess" would be an app or game that is stuck, but since you don't use data....  sorry I have rambled and not been much help.....

Re: LG Cosmos 2 constantly in "call state" and "data session"

I've been having the same problem- constantly in data session and it's been draining my battery as well. My husband has the exact same phone and side by side, same settings- but his isn't in constant data session and no battery problems. My phone also freezes a lot and I have to frequently pull battery and do a reset.  Another problem is that the alarm "goes off" but without sound even though volume is fully up and incoming calls ring fine.

Verizon has been NO help.  Going to attempt to return to the store yet again and see if they will do anything... I don't have any sort of data except texting and bluetooth is off, not sure what else it could be =/

Re: LG Cosmos 2 constantly in "call state" and "data session"
Customer Service Rep

Sorry about the trouble with your battery  vzineedhelp & 0asis. SuzyQ did have some helpful suggestions, but I have an idea on what may be the cause to these ghost data and voice sessions. If you have a data block on your account but at some point previously enabled features on your phone like Backup Assistant or Daily Scoop. These programs will attempt to run in the background and may sometimes even seem to wake your phone up without you touching the device because it's trying to (unsuccessfully with the data block in place) connect to data.

You can turn off Daily scoop messages by simply removing the Data Block by logging into and selecting "Manage Service Blocks" then following the steps below:
Launch Daily Scoop (Media Center > Daily Scoop)
Select Menu > Options > Verizon Msgs
Choose 'Off' and 'Save'.
Repeat the same procedure for Menu > Options > Bonus Msgs

Backup Assistant is a little trickier since it's pre-installed on the Cosmos. So if it's been set up or the activation was attempted and is trying to communicate with the network, follow the steps at to reset Backup Assistant while the block is in place.

Once you've ended the Daily Scoop messages and reset Backup Assistant, log back into and re-add your data block if you'd like to continue it.

Keep me posted if you need additional assistance.


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