LG Cosmos - Mobile Email Gmail Credentials Problem

I usually use a Droid but I broke on Friday and I'm waiting for an insurance replacement (it was on backorder, so I'm looking at two weeks.) I can't go that long without a phone so I decided to reactivate my old pre-smartphone, an LG Cosmos.

I installed the $5 Mobile Email app on my phone, selected Gmail as my provider, inputted my credentials and I was met with a dialog that says: "You have entered an invalid Username or password. Please try again."

I've verified and re-verified that I'm inputting the correct credentials. I have zero problems logging in on my computer.

Any help would be appreciated!

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Re: LG Cosmos - Mobile Email Gmail Credentials Problem
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Community Leader

Are you, by any chance, using Google's 2-step authentication for your gmail account?  If so, your usual username and password won't work, and you need to make the mobile email app a "trusted" app and get a one time password for it to work.

If you are not using two step authentication, then try using "other" rather than choosing the Gmail option, and entering the details that way.