LG Cosmos Touch help.

I'm having some trouble with my Cosmos Touch. The camera doesn't work and it says "Camera Start Error" I can't access the camera at all now. Also, when i plug it in to the charger it says "Auto-run no longer available." Then another message comes up and says something about making sure the charger is the right one for the phone, which it is because it's the same one that came with it.

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Re: LG Cosmos Touch help.
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Good Afternoon boroski,

I would be concerned too, if my camera wasn't working properly. Your phone should not be responding to the factory charger that way.

Have you tried removing the battery to complete a soft reset? As an additional option, you could reprogram the device by dialing *228, option 1.

If you have already tried these options, I recommend performing a factory reset on the device. Please be aware this will erase all saved media, such as pictures, music or ringtones. I recommend saving the pictures on a memory card prior to the reset. As an additional option, our Pix Place service offers the option to store your pictures online.


Restore Phone
From the main screen, touch menu tab
Touch Settings
Touch Phone Settings
Touch Security
Enter phone lock code displays, enter 4 digit code (normally last 4 of MDN)
Touch Restore Phone
Permanently erases all contacts and user data. Resets phone settings to factory default. This phone will need to be re-programmed. Press <OK> to continue displays, press OK.

I hope this information was helpful.




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Re: LG Cosmos Touch help.

I am having the same issue with my phone. Tried Restoring Phone but that did not fix it. What else can we do?

Re: LG Cosmos Touch help.
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I hate to see that the restore didn't resolve the "camera start error" that you are getting. We can look into replacement options for you. You can send me a direct message and include your name/number and we can take it from there.

Tamara H.
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