LG Extravert "Memory Full" when I've literally erased everything

I have had my LG Extravert for about 4 months now, and just in the past few days it's been acting up. It started giving me "memory low" messages, so I moved everything I could onto my microSD card. I deleted all of my apps and text messages. However, it just kept filling up.

I called Verizon and had them wipe my phone memory. But even after that, it said 75MB was still in use. Within a day it had filled up again to the point of not being able to receive messages.

Now the memory is totally full - all 90MB - and I don't have anything left to erase. It won't let me send even one picture message, or open the Mobile Web browser.

When I opened the "Application Memory," it says 86.91MB is being used by "Application." BUT I DON'T HAVE ANY APPLICATIONS.

It also says 2.92MB is being used by text messages. BUT I DON'T HAVE ANY TEXT MESSAGES.

Has anyone else had this problem? Does anyone know of a certain item that builds up a ton of memory? I really don't know what else to do besides keep wiping my phone every day...

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There was a software update for the Extravert released in January which addresses, among other things, the memory issue. My impression is that the update is for both the postpaid and the prepaid Extraverts. Here's a link with a post from an LG employee:


I've read comments from at least two customers who said that the update resolved their memory issues:




"I download[ed] the update on my computer and transferred it to my phone with the verizon lg software updater if that helps"


i cant get into web need to clear files but dont allow to open web


have upgraded my phone software. I deleted the "language" files freeing up more than 5 MB of memory but I still cannot access mobile web, apps, etc. I have a LG vn271 (extravert pre-paid) verizon. Brought it 2 months ago and started having problems accessing web a week ago. Had the "not enough space, delete files" message but that message has gone away but still cannot access mobile web or even the apps menu.   No problem with txt or calls (so far).
Any ideas?

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I've also been having problems with the Extravert 2.  I just ran across what appears to be a software update dated 8/20/2014, here:


LG Help: Product Support and Troubleshooting | LG USA

Hopefully, this is the fix we've been waiting for!