LG Extravert reboots after pairing with jvc car stereo

Bought a JVC car CD/Radio with bluetooth. As soon as I paired my LG Extravert 2, the phone rebooted. Retried multiple times with same result. After reboot, the phone tries to pair again with the same result, an infinite loop until I turned bluetooth off and deleted the pairing. Phone can pair with ordinary bluetooth headsets.Any ideas?

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Re: LG Extravert reboots after pairing with jvc car stereo
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Grn_mtn_dad, we want to figure this out for you. Everyone seems to use bluetooth in our cars these days, so I know the importance. Seeing as though your phone seems to connect to other devices properly, but not this specific one, it does look like an issue with the bluetooth's compatibility. I really want to be sure for you. Can you provide us with the complete make/model of the bluetooth.

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