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I started this discussion to voice my frustration with Verizon. I have the Lumia Icon and I LOVE it. Before the Icon, I had the iPhone 4, and at the time iPhone 4 was clearly the top of the class. But my Icon blows away iPhone (and I'm not just talking about the iPhone 4). I love the Windows Phone user interface. "My Commute" live tile and offline maps are amazing features. Quick access to music recognition from the search button leaves Shazam in the dust. But the best feature by far is the camera. 16 megapixel DNG's with optical image stabilization! iPhone isn't even in the same ballpark.

Even though I love my phone as is, I desperately want the 8.1 update. Verizon has been holding it back, and after news that they are retiring it, I doubt it will ever happen. The only reason I stay with Verizon and they're ridiculously expensive service is because of their superior coverage in rural areas. But AT&T now covers almost everywhere I go and they at least show some respect to the Windows phone platform.

It is unfathomable to me that this very high end phone is already being discontinued. The main reason Windows phone is doing so bad is that the ignorant sales reps actively discourage anyone from buying these phones. I have no idea why. Being an engineer, I form my own opinions instead of listening to these "experts" at Verizon, Best Buy, etc. Unfortunately, most people do listen to the sales reps, so the end result is no one buys this platform.

Verizon has lost my trust by retiring this phone and by blocking the Cyan update. But I paid good money for this phone and even without the update there is not another phone on the market that I want more than this one. Unfortunately I am stuck for awhile. But I guarantee my next phone will not be with Verizon. Good riddance.

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I also will not be renewing our contract for an Icon and 928 due to abysmal Verizon support for Windows Phone. I know a lot more about these devices than any of the sales representatives at the local Verizon store. We will be moving to another carrier.

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I also am not renewing my contract. I am extremely disappointed that Verizon not only refuses to explain why they are not updating Windows Phones but also that they apparently "retired" a flagship phone after only 8 months.

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Once my contract is up I will be leaving Verizon.  Overpriced and slow to release updates.  For having the highest prices you would think they would provide better service.