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Lost Email+ Accounts Setup Option in Settings

I lost the Settings Option for E-mail + Accounts.  The label is there but when I select it, it goes blank and reverts to front page tiles.  I still have a data connection but my e-mail account links have been lost and cannot be restored because the setup option is missing.  I have restarted the phone but it did not help.  The mail accounts are working otherwise, because I can access them from my desktop.  Any help out there?

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Re: Lost Email+ Accounts Setup Option in Settings
When it goes blank and kicks you back to the Start Screen, that's indicative of a crash internal to the application. My advice here would be to reset the phone by holding the power button, and swiping down on the prompt to shut down, or removing & reinstalling the battery. Hope that helps

the lack of VZW support for WP7 that was evident from the day that the Verizon CTO said they weren't interested in WP7. I saw it coming then. Just walk in to any VZW store and ask about the Trophy; the reps give you a one-word answer and walk away - they could care less. If you post a question about a Droid you get a response before day's end, though.

Alas this is something we'll be dealing with until VZW realizes the revolution that's been started by WindowsPhone. Nokia's new hardware is going to blow everything out of the water and rumor has it VZW is going to be getting one. For now my recommendation for anybody w/ a windows phone (on any carrier) is to search & participate on useful forums like WPCentral, WMPowerUser, etc.

When I walk in to a VZW store and ask about HTC Trophy Accessories and am met with anything but "we don't have any *poof*" I'll change my post.

If anybody has any question about WindowPhone or the HTC Trophy please just contact me directly via these boards and I will help you out in record time (compared to VZW :smileywink:)