Love my hard to find new Icon

   If I never see an update I am just fine! I searched all over town to get an Icon last month and finally found one. The best phone I have ever had and Windows 8 is fantastic. Verizon network on an awesome phone is a win for me. Smiley Happy

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Re: Love my hard to find new Icon
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I got my Icon nearly a year ago, and I'm with you.  It's most  certainly the best phone I've ever had.  It has impressive horsepower under the hood with an amazing camera.  I'm still being told by others how impressive its call quality is.  I will admit however that I am a bit impatient and downloaded the Developers Preview of Windows Phone 8.1, which has not disappointed at all.  I love Cortana and the action bar, and everything runs just as smooth if not smoother.  I hope we get Denim soon, because it just stands to get that much sweeter from here!