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Lumia 735 Windows 10 Update Thread

The windows 10 update was launched this past week. Other phone carriers are already pushing the update to there windows devices that qualify.

quickly before I start this thread I have this to say:

Verizon is Americas Largest network, As Advertised. Also has the fastest network. Again As Advertised. When it comes to Product updates for the likes of the Apple IPhone and Samsung Galaxy Verizon pushes the update on day one. the moment is available. And for some reason the windows phone users are sitting here waiting for the officially launched software upgrade we have waited months and months for.

I find the lack of release and the utilization of excuses revolting. I'm starting to get disgusted with these business practices from a company claiming to be "The Best Network". I have to tell you. there is a reason I use AMD processors, boycott apple products, do not use the more powerful playstation. wont pay to see some movies, wont use certain company's or brands. It is because they do not deserve my respect or my money cause of there practices.

I will give Verizon until midnight Monday March  21st or I am going to drop there service. I will walk in to the ATT store and walk out with a Lumia 950 and for the second time will have left Verizon. One time for price gouging and the second time will be shady business practices. this windows phone boycott of Verizon is shameful. there advertisements in store are not even of the latest version of windows phone 8. they are going out of there way to make a partnership with Apple to do everything they can short of selling windows devices to damage the sales of the windows phone and improve those of the iPhone or Samsung. I will not pay for this kind of shady business practice.

So has anyone heard a peep from Verizon about the update being made available?

Did they even request a firmware update in preparation for this launch?

When can we expect to see the update every other carrier is pushing out released to Verizon users?

Again Tuesday if the update is not available I am going to ATT. I recommend all windows users prepare to switch to ATT if Verizon is going to continue this lazy progress.

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Re: Lumia 735 Windows 10 Update Thread
Sr. Leader

Why wait just go...  They are not going to push out on 1 person making a threat to leave them. They get those on a daily basis, and they all rarely follow through or they get replaced by someone who leaves another carrier.

Re: Lumia 735 Windows 10 Update Thread

War......have you thought about the insiders method?

I will be doing it very soon and won't be looking back regardless of what they decide to do.

I didn't buy the 735 because of VZW and if they don't support it, so be it.

Face it folks.....customer service and the support of the devices we purchase from them is an after thought that they preach but because it doesn't add to their bottom line it is a very hollow song they sing.

Re: Lumia 735 Windows 10 Update Thread
Customer Support


Thank you for your inquiry and your interest in the Windows 10 software update for your device. We take great pride and care in making sure our customers have the latest operating system, and that those updates are thoroughly tested to ensure the best customer experience. We are currently working with Microsoft on the update schedule for select Lumia devices.

To find out if your Lumia device is or will be eligible to upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile please download the Windows 10 Upgrade Advisor from the Windows Store on your device. Once the Software is officially approved, you can also check the Advanced Devices – Software Updates page to see if the update is available for your device.

Windows 10 Upgrade Advisor:

Advanced Devices – Software Updates:

Follow us on Twitter @VZWSupport
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Re: Lumia 735 Windows 10 Update Thread

Look, this is a nice canned reply, but the 735 exists on the update list.  That's the model being discussed on this thread.

Verizon and Microsoft are looking at the update schedule.  Of course, historically VZW has taken months to get 'round to "testing" Windows updates (apparently not a high priority).  Why not surprise customers and make them Very Very happy and loyal now?

I appreciate testing, but that should already have been done by now if the Windows customers really matter. 

Now what could be very useful is an estimated release date - even release month.

Re: Lumia 735 Windows 10 Update Thread

Look Verizon I understand that you as a company are trying to be diligent and make sure that the upgrade goes as planned. However that being said if every other provider is already pushing the upgrade and Microsoft has made it available, I simply don't see what more is needed. If your network isn't ready to support it then that's on you not your loyal customers. I brag about Verizon to all of my friends and family that have ATT. I have encouraged and helped multiple people switch to Verizon, and at the moment the only thing I fell I have gotten out of it us absolutely nothing. If your not going to give us the option to upgrade to the newer Windows Phones that are available then at least give us the software upgrade. I'm not going to threaten to leave Verizon or anything like that, it just feels that you could give your customers more.

There is absolutely no excuse or reason for your slow response, I never had to wait long for an update or upgrade for my Android device when I had one, so I know that you can easily send out upgrades and updates when it pleases you.

At the end of the day what I am trying to say is complete and utter laziness on your part does not warrant patience or understanding on my part. Thank you for your time and attention.

A loyal Verizon Customer and Windows Fan

Re: Lumia 735 Windows 10 Update Thread
Sr. Member

How many people at Verizon should be dedicated to getting out an update for a HANDFUL of 735 owners? Face it -- W10M has such a minuscule following that nobody is prioritizing it. You can join the preview program and get developer builds of W10M right now, direct from Microsoft.

Re: Lumia 735 Windows 10 Update Thread
Sr. Member

By releasing GSM-only phones, Microsoft's limited compatibility stance isn't helping to improve Windows Mobile's standing with Verizon Wireless and Sprint customers.

Microsoft has released 4 Lumia models recently and none of them can be brought onto VZW or Sprint. 2 more Lumia models are rumored to be in the works (750 & 850) and chances are pretty good that they too will be incompatible.

If Microsoft released the 550, 950 & 950XL and then went into a holding pattern until the Surface Phone was ready, that would be one thing. But this conga line of new at&t/T-Mobile/Cricket centric phones looks bad for Verizon Wireless customers who want a new model.

When the Surface Phone is released, will the price tag be such that only businesses can afford to buy it?

Re: Lumia 735 Windows 10 Update Thread

There does seem to be a problem  as I have a Lumia 735 and it does show as one of the phones to be upgraded.  That being true I downloaded the Upgrade Adviser and when it got done it said " The Windows 10 Upgrade isn't available for your phone right now,  Were trying to determine if you phone can support Windows 10."

Can you please advise on a release date; I have backed up and I have 10.51 GB free on the phone

Re: Lumia 735 Windows 10 Update Thread

Added information: I have backed up and I have 10.51 GB free on the phone.  I am on Software Release:  Lumia Denim, Windows 8.1 Update 2, OS version : 810.15148.160