Lumia 822 is not recognizing GDR2 update
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I have 4 Lumia 822 on my families account, I was able to update one of them when the GDR2 update (Amber) was released. Since then even a few minutes ago none of the other 3 phone even recognize that they need the update. When I go to the update tab and have the phone search for the update, it comes back that its up to date as of XX seconds.

I have had one of the phones go all the way through downloading and install (spinning gears) and said that it was updated, however nothing had changed and the phone still shows the old OS version. I read on another post to try a soft restart (down volume and power) this didn't work either.

My last resort is going to be a hard reset of the phones, I would like to avoid this as some of the apps on the phones have been removed from the store and will not reload afterwards.

Has anyone had this same experience or do you have any suggestions to force the update or get it to take with out a hard reset?

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