Lumia 822 poor performance

I've had my Lumia
822 for several months. After about the first month, it started
multiplying photos. After much adgravation, a hard reset solved the
problem, although I lost some photos. It's worked ok for several
months, and now all of a sudden it started eating the battery. I'm
not a heavy user and only make a couple calls a day and maybe  a text
or two. I've turned off all I can, and even gotten rid of most of my
tiles. Now the phone has started missing incoming and out going calls
and texts. This phone certainly isn't performing as stated in the
specs list. With very little use, I'm having to charge the phone
every 8 to 10 hours, and more often with use. My phone only required charging around every day
and a half before all this started. Now when I go in to the Verizon store,

they tell me "that's the way smart phones are" NOT!!  What do I need to

do to restore my phone so it'll work like I was told it would?

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Re: Lumia 822 poor performance
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I know how inconvenient it can be to keep having to charge your phone and I'm here to help. I want you to love your phone again.

I researched this and did not find it to be a reported known issue with the battery life on the phone. 8 to 10 hours of battery life is not too bad with smartphones. Keep in mind that these phone are like small computers and will use up battery much more quickly then a basic phone.

Are you using the battery and charger that came with the phone? Is the phone fully charging? Have you tried a different battery or charger?

In regards to the missing calls are you seeing a missed call on the phone or a voicemail being left? Did this happen in certain areas or with certain numbers? Please elaborate so I can better assist.


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Re: Lumia 822 poor performance

John B

Thanks for your reply. I'm using all the Verizon rechargers and such. I'm basing my statements on what is normal for my phone with my usage. What was happening was not normal. After several visits with the store, they sent me a new phone last week. So far, it seems to be back normal with normal battery life. I'm not having to charge the phone but maybe once a day at most. I could probably get by at two days, but I haven't had it long enough to set it's profile, yet. The new phone is not missing calls or text msgs, and seems to be working normal, even with all my tiles open. Whatever happened to the other phone caused something to run in the background, I think. If this phone had someway to see what exactly is running, it would be much easier to troubleshoot, but with the 822, there's no way to see what's running in the background. By the way, this phone is working with my old battery. The supplied phone comes without battery.

Thanks for your reply, I hope all these bugs get worked out before folks get fed up with the 822. It's really an easy phone to use.


Re: Lumia 822 poor performance
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Chances are that it is an application that is hanging and chewing up battery.. Tumblr is notorious for locking my entire phone up. Ensure that background processes are turned off that aren't needed by going to Settings > Swipe to Applications > Background Tasks > Tap on any unnecessary applications and tap Block. This will disable the background running of these applications that aren't needed. It'll also help with your battery life's longevity.