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Lumia 822 texting problem

I formed a texting group called Family.  I sent out a text to the group.  I got 8 individual threads back. I was told to "turn on group texting" to get all responses back as one thread.  I did that but then all of the texts from the group came back again as individual texts except they all had the same message "Download Media Content..."  When I touched the message, it says "downloading media content..." for a couple nanoseconds  but nothing happens except for the "BEEP".  An hour at the Verizon store with an associate, a software update, and a new SIM card didn't change a thing. How do I fix this??

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Re: Lumia 822 texting problem
Customer Support

I'm surprised you are still experiencing this issue, beesbo. When you were trying to download the content, were you connected to WiFi or our data network? Do you experience problems viewing picture messages? Was this the first time you used group messaging? Or have you been previously able to send a group messaging to multiple contacts that were not in a group?

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