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Lumia 920 Coming to Verizon!!! (?)

Ok, so it's a rumor thus far, but here are a couple articles that make reference to it:

However, a source talking to Nokia For Us says the phones are coming to AT&T, available in stores Nov. 2.

Joining AT&T sometime during the first week of November is T-Mobile, which will supposedly carry the lower-spec 820, and Verizon, which the source said is set to get a version of the 920.

The date is a bit odd as it falls on a Friday. AT&T as far as we know always release phones on Sundays and they have been quite consistent in that recently for the last few Windows Phone launches. Why the change if true? Perhaps to get the phone out as early as possible but also maybe they are timing it with the end of BUILD 2012, which coincidently ends on the same day.

T-Mobile is expected to launch the Lumia 820 during the same week and later Verizon will launch the flaghship Lumia 920, hopefully in that fireball Red.

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Re: Lumia 920 Coming to Verizon!!! (?)

When they say "get a version of the 920", what might that mean?  Is it as simple as a 920 with a bunch of Verizon bloatware on it? (would be par for the course).  Or would it be dumbed-down somehow?  (i.e., an under-powered version with less memory or something similar?)

Sorry if this comes off as a little cynical.  I have been dealing with the dog of all dog 4G phones--the Thunderbolt--for far too long, and am looking forward to getting rid of it.  Verizon customer service has always been pretty solid, and generally I'm happy with my wireless service.  But this phone... seriously.  I'm not going to buy an iPhone, but I want something far more stable, consistent, reliable, and usable than what I have.

Re: Lumia 920 Coming to Verizon!!! (?)

Well, the screenshot that was leaked of Verizon's inventory system, showing the Nokia "822", is assumed to be a "version" of the 820.  What it means, who knows?  As far as bloatware goes, there's not much they can do with Windows Phone that we as users can't undo.  The Verizon app on the Trophy is just as easy to uninstall as any other app.  Tap/hold, Uninstall.  Yes, it is that simple.  Thank you, Microsoft.  They can't load it up with bloatware, because the OS is locked down in such a way that it wouldn't matter if they did.  I'm a developer, so I understand how it works a lot better than the average user, but let me see if I can explain it...

For one thing, there is no multitasking.  None.  You don't see task managers in Marketplace like you do with Android because there is no need for one.  Tasks can't run at the same time, so they can't run your battery dead by running amok in the background.  Only one app can run at a time, and when the phone locks, the app in the foreground stops unless it is allowed to run behind the lock screen, and the user has to allow that - if it tries to run behind the lock screen and doesn't get your permission (and give you a way to prevent it in settings as well), it will fail certification and won't get into Marketplace Windows Phone Store. 

I guess the next big thing is that it is so simple to uninstall apps.  Go to the app list (not the home screen), and tap/hold and uninstall.  It really is that simple, and then it is gone.  Completely.

As for the security model of Windows Phone, apps are not allowed to access the data that is saved in the phone by other apps.  That data is "sandboxed" - isolated - from all other apps.  If I write one app that saves your credit card information, even I cannot write another app that gets that credit card information that was saved by the first app.  This applies to all data in the phone.  The exception is if the data is saved in the cloud.  If my app saves data in the cloud, then any app that I allow access to that data can have access.  Be sure you know where your data is going when you save sensitive data.

To your question about a "version" of the phone being a dumbed down version of the hardware?  I would not expect that, but I also can't rule it out.  Let's put it this way.  If you were Verizon, would you want your "922" (just assuming for a moment that's what they brand it with) to be under-powered compared to ATT's 920?  Will that sell phones?  I didn't think so.....  Let's hope the people making decisions at Verizon are as smart as those of us buying phones from them. 

Re: Lumia 920 Coming to Verizon!!! (?)
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I agree that it could easily be the Lumia 922 on VZW.  Look (if you can remember!) at the last BlackBerry Bold that came out.  It was the Bold 9900 on GSM carriers and the Bold 9930 on CDMA carriers.  Outside of the cellular radios, they were the same phones.