Lumia 925 on T-Mobile just got Cyan.
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But us Icon owners are still on Lumia Black. Whatup wit dat???  The Icon is newer than the 925 by half a year. Shouldn't we enjoy at least the same level of support as an older phone?

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I truly regret not having done better research before switching to Windows phone.

While I have been aware of the fact for a couple years that Windows phone users generally love their phones, and I DID research the hardware itself and thus chose the Icon...

I failed miserably in not doing the research that would have steered me away from WP on Verizon.

If only I had not re-upped with what has now become the worst carrier for customer service and gone with AT&T (who must be thrilled to no longer be worst.) instead.

It's sad that Verizon, a company whose customer service I used to rave about to my friends, no longer cares about providing anything even remotely resembling decent customer service.  I guess it was only a matter of time before "greed" became the cornerstone of Verizon's corporate culture.