Lumia 928 and I
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For those of you who want the short version: Avoid it like the plague.

My wife and I upgraded our phones two months back from the iphone 4 to the Nokia Lumia 928 because our Iphones had seen better days. After finally giving up my unlimited data plan that I had been holding on to out of no other reason that moral obligation (nobody should pay metered data. Period.) I gave up and upgraded my plan to get a new phone. My phone began showing signs of defects within two hours. The screen would go unresponsive, my live tiles wouldn't update, it wouldn't connect to the data network or the store to download anything, just a myriad of issues. About the only thing the phone would do is answer... if it rang.

My wife's, on the other hand was working swimmingly. She was getting all her apps to work, her live tiles were spinning their little faces off; she was positively beaming exuberance over her new phone. We even eventually used the NFC to "tap" phones so I could get an app she had downloaded.

As she was playing with her phone, I was already on the phone with tech support for my phone. All in all, after factory resetting it, thrice, I got the phone at least functioning. I was demoralized to the point where I proceeded to do nothing with the phone aside from just talk on it like it were a flip phone. Already regretting giving up my unlimited data for this.

Things have gone by I would say alright (albeit, begrudgingly) with only having to reset my phone from having it freeze up on me ever week or so. That was until about two weeks ago. In the last two weeks, My wife and I have gone through at least five of these phones. They will work for about a day or two, then the touch screen will become completely unresponsive. Each time, verizon sends us out another "certified pre-owned" phone (aka, a used phone that was broke that they "Fixed").

Tonight was the last straw. After sitting on the phone with them... again... I inquired about just switching over to a different phone since this model is obviously defective. I was informed that they would let me switch over to a comparable phone. I assumed this was reasonable until I found out what phone they considered "comparable".

They want to replace my nokia 928 with an Iphone 4s.....

Are you kidding me? A two year old phone is not comparable to a brand new phone. Half the RAM, half the internal storage, NO 4G, half the processing power and they want to call it a comparable phone? Furthermore, I just wasted my upgrade FROM an iphone 4 to this nokia lumia (giving up my unlimited data) and they want to bump me back down to another Iphone 4? I could just use the one I have sitting next to me.. Oh wait... I have been because the Nokia Lumia is garbage.

I will be lodging some complaints tomorrow with as many people as will listen. If you want my honest opinion, avoid this phone like the plague.

Ten years with Verizon now and I've never had an issue with them before now. I'm surprised and disappointed.

Any recommendations on where to go from here, because their tech support is useless.

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I feel your pain and VZW is MOSTLY to blame for this.  If you go to other mobile phone community like WPCentral you do not see this many issues with so many replacements with the 928.

If you can, contact Nokia and let them know how VZW is treating these phones and that it's unacceptable.  Personally people should contact Nokia instead of VZW because VZW is clueless of these phones and really don't care to help us with defective devices.

Next contact your local states attorney and let them know the situation and I think it's time for mobile phones to have lemon laws.  The short, after 3 certified replacements (not brand new) you can any phone of your choice free of charge, or you can leave your contract ETF free.

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gotta agree with you pri, i had an 8x.  replaced that a few times then begged for something different, i got the 928.  I honestly have to say its been a great phone.  I use it a lot, and work off  of it too and never have i had an issue with it, with the exception of it shutting down once.

now if it only had a slot for a sd card... and that is truly my only complaint

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Have to agree with Primortal. You have to be in the unfortunate percentage of a bad batch of phones as the ratings and majority percentage of owners love this phone, my self included, not one problem with the two phones we have. Because you are stuck now, you need to complain to everyone possible, Try getting them to get you a phone from a different region if possible. Your experience on the 928 is just not the norm for this phone.

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Sucks to hear.  When I got my 928 it had connection issues.  Fortunately one of the verizon reps had a 928 and knew exactly what was wrong with it.  Swapped the sim card out and everything was all good.  after 2 months I had my first screen freeze ( a day after the Amber update).  A soft reset and it was up and running again.  I removed several apps I downloaded the day before and turned off most of the background tasks.  Everything is all good.  I figured out that the easiest way to avoid the battery drain glitch is to always close an app and not just press the Windows button.  I hear the next update GDR3 will allow us to close the apps in the multitask app screen. 

If you have to soft reset a new phone every week, you either have a bad phone/ sim card/ problem app/ electromagnetic interference from the aliens parked outside your house.   

1st - Delete all your apps one by one (or just turn off the app in the background tasks one by one)

2nd - Go to verizon store to have the sim card replaced

3rd - Get it replaced

4th - Make sure you have the full Asurion insurance coverage... smash phone...then have it replaced.

I noticed that the reviews for this phone are filling up with negative Nancys.  I find it annoying that most of the complaints are obviously due to Bad phones that should be replaced or the people just not being tech friendly. I'm really starting to believe the negative reviews are just an Android/Apple smear campaign because the reviews dont even make sense half the time. 

Also Some people just arent compatible with software.  Those people usually dont pay attention to the OS behavior and scream when it freaks out.  They assume technology is predictable and consistent when it can be just as fickle as a human being.  Although the OS may have bugs, I noticed that a majority of problems stems from Apps.  This holds true for Windows, Apple and especially Android.  My mom complained that her iphone cant hold a charge.  I took one look and noticed she had everything turned on (wireless, bluetooth, back-up, cloud storage, skype...etc.), over 30 apps in her multitask app screen open in the background, and she's a major phone talker.  She also has tons of social apps that are usually known to be larger battery drainers due to constantly using data.  I turned everything off and closed every program.  Things are way better but she doesnt want to admit it because she already has it in her head that the phone is broken.  She treats her phone like crap now and complains about any little glitch. 

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"4th - Make sure you have the full Asurion insurance coverage... smash phone...then have it replaced."

I'd be interested to hear if the guy took your advice to commit fraud. LOL.

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I've loved my 928 from the first day I got it. The 2 things that do frustrate me about it aren't about the phone directly but about Verizon's lack of updates for the phone and the marketplaces limited apps. The former is entirely Verizons issue the second is a perception issue, folks don't think that it's worth while.