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May 24th To Save Face!!!

All this silence...  especially after the KIN!!!


Only thing I can think of is that Verizon and Microsoft are going to announce on May 24th a re-partnering and moving foward of Windows Phone 7 devices!!!


Why so secretive unless they truly have something big in the works, and what else better to jointly announce a repartnership moving forward after the CTO's stupid comments regarding Microsoft's technology.  He doesn't see Microsoft technology as innovative, this guy should lose his job for comments as stupid as that!!!


What does everyone else think.  I know MANGO is in the works, but if any of you are part of Microsoft Tech or MSDN or anyother Microsoft program than you know in there latest emails Microsoft Specifically Mentions The Release Of New Windows Phone 7 Devices, NOT JUST MANGO!!!


May 24th, 2011... Let's see what happens... also keep checking HTC's site for a Joint Press Release as well!!!



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Re: May 24th To Save Face!!!

If the 24th is the date..screw them I am moving from Verizon to AT&T.

Re: May 24th To Save Face!!!

As the key decision maker for my company for phones and all other IT equipment Verizon constantly dissapoints me.  We use their services only because they have the best coverage area for where we operate.  If it weren't for that fact I would have pulled all 45 of my lines long ago.  I realize that all the carriers are horrible, but Verizon is routinely disgraceful when it comes to device selection.  Not to mention their approval process for new devices is flat dismal. 


As I am stuck for now I will wait for this phone, but one day I hope one of the competitors will have the coverage I need.  As soon as they do I know that I can jump ship, or at least have potentially two carriers within my company.

Re: May 24th To Save Face!!!

Great News! The HTC Trophy with Windows will be released online May 26th. Please click here to view the official press release. 




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Re: May 24th To Save Face!!!

I hear you there.  The only reason I stuck it out for so long waiting for Verizon is because our AT&T coverage in our area is suspect at best and they don't have unlimited data plans.  I would DEFINATELY switch from Verizon to AT&T if those two issues weren't present.  Once Verizon limits my dataplan and AT&T has as good as coverage as Verizon, I can then make at least a comparison between the two and make a reasonable decision.


I will be getting the HTC Trophy when it comes out, but I still don't trust Verizon and their support of WP7.  The Trophy is an OK WP7 phone, but I'd much, much rather have a Samsung Focus or Dell Venue Pro.