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Microsoft account needed for WP?

I've ordered my new HTC 8X and it will be arriving in a couple of days.  It sounds like I will need to set up a microsoft account to access my skydrive cloud storage and the WP app store.  I don't have a microsoft account - should I set one up before I get my new phone or is it just as easy to set it up on the phone when I get it?  Do I have to have a hotmail e-mail that is tied to my microsoft account or can I tie my microsoft account to my regular yahoo e-mail account?  I have enough trouble staying on top of my one e-mail account -- I don't want to deal with multiple e-mail acocunts.  Can any one give me some guidance on this? 

By the way, this is first smart phone so telling me its just like setting up such and such on my android or iphone will be meaningless to me.  Thanks

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Re: Microsoft account needed for WP?

You would need a hotmail or Outlook account for your app store. You cannot use your yahoo account for your microsoft account

Best thing is open a new hotmail account using the same screen name as your yahoo account so in that way you won't have to worry about a new account name or anything

Re: Microsoft account needed for WP?

I'm not sure that is true, my wife uses a yahoo account for her Microsoft account. I use a comcast account, although these accounts are grandfathered in. I know for my account I got it associated with comcast by switching it manually some years back. You might have to create a new account then change it once the account is created under the hotmail/live address.

Re: Microsoft account needed for WP?

This is incorrect.  You can create a Microsoft Account with any email address.

1) Go to

2) Click on "Sign up now"

3) Fill out the form using your current email for the Microsoft account name