Microsoft all ready has an update for Windows Phone 8.1 Verizon customers still don't have WP 8.1. UGH!
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Microsoft has all ready released an update to Windows Phone 8.1. Us Verizon customers don't even have WP 8.1. WTF Verizon?  My contract with Verizon is up in November this is the tipping point.  I am not going to renew my contract.  I will just buy the phone out right and sign up for Straight Talk.  Then I don't need to have the "Nanny service provider (Verizon)" telling me when I am able to obtain a device update.  Thanks for nothing Verizon.

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On one side, I can understand that maybe (and that's a BIG maybe) Verizon wants to make sure they have enough data (pardon the pun) regarding the successful adaptation of the update for it's customers in order to make sure everything goes smoothly.  However, I find that Verizon likes to keep customers in the dark regarding time frames.  It's interesting to see on some of the similar titles message boards entries on this topic have Verizon monitors ready to wipe out entries if they violate terms of service on the forums.  But, when asked directly about time frames for Windows updates, you either get a link to some Verizon news page (which is of no help), or nothing at all.  A number of people called Verizon customer service and get varied answers like: "Sometime this summer", "Soon", or even an "I don't know, they don't even tell us either"...which is the answer I got one time.  Very discouraging.  I had a choice between the Windows Phone, or a Samsung Galaxy phone.  I chose Windows because of it's features.  Beginning to regret it now, since support for it on Verizon appears to be dismal at best.  Smiley Sad