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Model 822

What is the answer to getting the model 822 nokia to turn back on.  i when through 2 phones and now because the warrently expired (even though i had the second phone less then a year) i can not get it replaced.  When i requested a replacement phone a month before the warrenlty would have been an issue i as denined and they walked me through another reboot.

I read several comments that people had 4 to 6 replacement phones.  so if this was an issue then why isnt it recalled.

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Re: Model 822
Sr. Member

The 822 as a whole is not defective device.  I've had one since it's release and never had an issue with it and it's still going strong.

It's that VZW likes to send out defective devices to customers; lemons.  Contact the BBB and FCC and file a complaint.

I've bought my Icon from the Microsoft Store and with the insurance I purchased I get a brand new phone if at any time my Icon is defective (minus a $50 deductible); no refurbished.

Re: Model 822
Customer Support

Meedusa our goal is to make certain that you're in a working device! I'm sorry to hear that you've experienced so much issues but we'll do everything we can to help. The standard warranty is 1 year and if you have a replacement in the midst of it ending, the time frame is 90 days. So lets try to bring life back to the device. Is the phone screen staying on a blank screen? When trying to charge, do any lights appear?

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