Multiple Issues with HTC 8X and Verizon Doesn't Care

I have had this phone for three months and had this issue the whole time.  Searched Verizon and Windows forums and found the same thing.  Only Verizon HTC 8X having this issue.  On top of that I am now having hardware issues.  Phone SIM not showing up as connected and have to restart or re-seat the SIM.  Battery life has gone down drastically.  Overnight charge gets me 11 hours tops without using my Data plan with WIFI off and other major apps closed out.  Shouldn't have to do that to utilize features on a smart phone.  As soon as I begin using my data plan the 11 hours is cut in half.  Not to mention if I use the phone for GPS navigation it gets drained in 30 minutes to and hour.  Then the software is now freezing.  Either freezes completly and have to restart or applications i try to open, stall and then go  back to the start menu.  I have to then power off the phone which freezes and 15 minutes later powers off.  3 months into the phones contract.  Ridiculous.  Bought from and they told me I am SOL.  14 days for return and 30 for exchange.  Go see HTC.  HTC says i'm SOL.  Go to Verizon and get a new SIM.  Factory Reset the device as  well.  If that doesn't help, ship it to us and we will repair.  Are you kidding.  I am a consultant for a major merger and acquisition company that deals with infrastructure practices all day.  Send you my phone for repair on a 3 month old phone.  Are you kidding me.  Finally talked to Verizon.  They are not consciously aware of the HTC 8x missed call three beep scenario when it has been on there forums since December of this year.  With all my issues they told me I'm SOL.  I don't want to send it in for repair.  That is ridiculous.  What will that solve.  A couple of the issues.  What about the three beep issue the has plagued me for months. A refurbished of a different model from two years ago, no thanks.  I received a new phone three months ago.  So you wanna make it my fault and tell me here take an iphone 4 from two years ago from 300 dollars.  I am furious with this and want to proceed with making sure this lack of decent service for an issue like this is resolved and others don't have to face this type of treatment.  I paid good money for a smartphone with reliable service.  So far i'm being told to bend over and take it from everyone.  I feel that the three beep issue alone is a breach of the contract I have with Verizon and I should be able to constitute that right and terminate this disease.

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