My HTC 8X does not vibrate
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I have my phone set with vibrate on and the ringer off.  When receiving a text message the phone does not vibrate.

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Re: My HTC 8X does not vibrate
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Hey sgsgbbmom! Congrats on your new 8x! I see that you're not getting vibrations with incoming text messages. Have you checked settings for Sounds? If not, go to Settings> Ringtones Sounds> make sure that Ringer is set to Off and Vibrate is set to On, and then scroll down to make sure that "All Other Notifications" is unchecked. If you've done all that but still don't get vibration, can you reply back and let me know what does happen when you get a message? Thanks!

Dion M.
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Re: My HTC 8X does not vibrate
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Make sure the ringer is turned up all the way and on. Push the volume rocker on the side and when the menu pops down there is a small circular button. If you push it, it should say vibrate. If it says silent then you need to do what the rep above said.