Need help ASAP

My best friend and I text constantly; all day and all night. We were texting fine last night and had no issues, but today I couldn't recieve messages from him. His phone shows that he sent and has recieved my messages, and mine shows I sent messages but hasn't recieved his. He has the iPhone 5 and i have the Nokia Twist. Both on verizon.

Why are we having this issue? I tried resetting my phone and it didn't help.

I can send and recieve messages from anyone else except for him.


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Never fear help is here!


Text messaging is my main means of communication with family and friends so I know how you're feeling right now! But don't worry because I'm here to help.

You mentioned that you can send text messages to him and he will receive them ok. And that you can send and receive text message from other people, just not him. The issue seems to be on his end since it's working fine for you.

Has your friend made sure he is sending you a text message and not an iMessage? Have your friend turn off iMessages and try sending you a text again.

You can also have your friend delete the conversation thread he has going on with you and send you a new text by manually entering your ten digit number.

If you are still unable to receive his text messages have him contact us. He can contact us by phone at 800-922-0204 (Seven days a week 6am to 11pm), via Twitter @VZWSupport (M - F 7am to 10pm and Saturdays & Sundays 7am to 4pm CDT), or on Facebook (M - F 7am to 10pm and Saturdays & Sundays 7am to 4pm CDT). We'll be more then happy to assist him.


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