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Need help: slow/no texts when others can

I was at a college football game (Auburn) over the weekend. Texts either would not come in, or would arrive slowly (only one arrived all game long). The message would read something like, "Get media content...(1KB)" and then when I'd click on the link, it would read, "Getting media content...(1KB)" and then time out. Nothing I sent would go through during the game, but naturally after the game, all messages came/went through. My wife, seated next to me, had no trouble or delay receiving and sending texts (even photos) on her Verizon iphone. Androids and iphones were in use all around me without problems. Those I asked had Verizon. (Disclosure: I have confirmed that lots of folks had texting issues at the game, using various types of phones.)

My question naturally, is why would my Nokia Lumia 822 not send or receive texts due to the high volume/traffic, when other Verizon phones had no such problems?

Earlier this summer before a trip out of the country, I set my cellular settings to "Global Mode," which purports to allow reception anywhere, from any type network, in conjunction with having the Verizon service rep set my phone for use in the country of destination. The phone has remained in Global Mode since, and no texting problems have come up. Could this have anything to do with the problem? Would switching back to "LTE and CDMA" have made/make a difference? My Data connection was set to "on," and my Data roaming options were set to "roam." That's all I can think to add. Thanks for any help.

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Re: Need help: slow/no texts when others can
Customer Support

Dashgash, we want to keep you connected via text message where ever you go! However, when you're in the U.S., we recommend that you connect to LTE to ensure that you're connected to the best cellular tower available in your area. Additionally, you should also delete any unwanted text messages and power your device off/on. This will refresh your text messaging feature and your device. Keep us posted.

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