New ICON with problems


I bought this phone new on Amazon on June 27, received June 30 and today I took it n to VZW to port over my phone number.  That all went smoothly.

While I was going through the all the settings and trying to personalize the phone, I noticed the updater indicated that an update was ready.  I downloaded it and it appeared to install clean.

This evening I got my first phone call on the phone.  The screen went dark after I answered the phone,  The other party hung up, but I never got to see the screen for disconnecting on my side.  He called back later and the screen went black again and the call was breaking up.  I tried tapping the screen and the power button but the screen did not come back although it flashed the disconnect screen.  When my caller hung up the screen finally came back to the Lock screen.

I tried calling Voicemail to set up my box, but the screen went black as soon as the connection was made and I could not get it back.  Meanwhile the auto attendant kept talking.  Voicemail hung up and I was finally able to get control of the screen again.

When I tap the phone screen, I get the dialing pad.  I called my home phone, the screen went black and when I pressed the Power button to try and get back to the screen it flashed the screen with the call info and disconnenct info and then the Lock screen (with the picture).

I had the phone plugged into my PC or the wall charger the entire time so I could see what else I needed to do, it was charging the whole time (the battery was down to 30% when it started.)  I unplugged it from the PC, turned it off and plugged it into the wall charger.  The phone turned on, so I turned it off again.  It turned on again!!

And if that wasn't enough, my tiles are all black even though I had set up my accent color as blue and originally had BLUE tiles.  And for quite a while the tiles looked OK, then the color went away.  I have white outlines.  My photo for the Lock page has disappeared from the page.  I am going to try and get it back, it's in the Photos folder (along with all my FB photos linke up - not what I expected.)

I am thinking this thing needs to go back, unless of course I need to either reset or run the Recovery Tool, in which case I need to make sure my Contacts are protected, I did back them up with VZW's Backup Assistant.

Here are the details on the phone's Specs that may be helpful, I hope

Nokia Lumia 929 (Icon on VZW)

OS version 8.0.10521.155

FIrmware Revision number  1028.3566.1417.0047

Hardware Revision number

Radio Software version 1.0.26057.0001

Chip SOC verision 8974

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Re: New ICON with problems
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Basically you have a defective phone and need to get a replacement.

The screen turning off when you are taking a call sounds like there is something wrong with the proximity sensor.  It thinks you are holding the phone to your head and it shuts the screen off.  Do you have any covers or anything that can be blocking the sensors?

When you charge a windows phone it will turn on briefly and then turn off; screen that is.  This is normal.

Screen problems with title and lock screen images isn't normal.  Sounds like another defect.


Most likely you have/created a Microsoft account when setting up the phone.  By default contacts are automatically backed up.  For other pieces go to Settings and tap backup. Make sure everything listed is set as backup on. Back on the setting screen swipe to applications and tap on messaging and make sure texts are backed up.

Re: New ICON with problems
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I am so sorry to hear about the issues you are having with your new device. Have you tried doing factory reset of your device since the software update? Please try this and test.. Let us know if the issues persist.


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