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Nokia Access Point App and Lumia 928 LTE

As noted in this discussion, ( the following scenario kills LTE on a Verizon 928. Does anyone know how to get it back other than a hard reset of the phone?

  1. Install the Nokia Access Point app
  2. Remove Verizon LTE SIM and install a SIM from another carrier (for example, travel overseas and use a pay as you go SIM from another carrier)
  3. Use the Access Point app to set internet settings for the other carrier
  4. Return to Verizon, remove foreign SIM and insert LTE SIM
  5. Power up phone, change Cellular settings to LTE and CDMA, phone connects to Verizon network

HOWEVER, phone only connects to 3G. You have to manually enter an APN to get 3G internet connectivity. LTE does not work though - all you can get is 3G.

Any help would be much appreciated

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