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Nokia Lumia 822: Why is the known issue with random shutdowns not corrected yet?


My Nokia Lumia 822 was received as part of the "new every two" plan. I suppose you could say I am thrilled with the phone...if it was useable.

As so many of you have read on similar threads, the product itself is (in my opinion) an excellent smartphone. Yet, even with no background apps running and battery-saver engaged, the battery fully drains in about two hours of heavy use, three hours of light use, and no more than five hours even when in standby. Of course, the critical issue is that if the phone is not used for 2-3 hours, it shuts down completely. It cannot make or receive calls/texts and can only be reactivated by removing the Otterbox protective case, the backing of the phone, and removing and replacing the battery.

Frankly, this is absurd. Not only is it exceptionally inconvenient, it is outright dangerous to have an emergency contact device that the user has no way of knowing is capable of receiving calls or not. I've read about the software updates; I have them all. I've read that this is a "known issue" and a solution is "on the way." Yet I've been reading these same posts for THREE months.

I want this defective phone replaced and I want it replaced as soon as possible. Is a replacement facilitated most quickly via this website or via a Verizon store (none of which are located particularly close to me)?

Thank you in advance.


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Re: Nokia Lumia 822: Why is the known issue with random shutdowns not corrected yet?

I'm currently on my third 822. The first functioned perfectly for about 2 months until one day it wouldn't boot into Windows. Verizon exchanged it the next day. The replacement began locking up on day one and did so nearly every day after that. I was able to revive it by holding down the volume down and power keys for about 20 seconds. Never had to pull the battery. But that got pretty annoying also, so I called customer service and they sent me another the next day. No questions asked. This third 822 has worked flawlessly now for just over a week. No lockups at all.

I would definitely call Verizon customer service and let them know your experience. They've been excellent at exchanging my defective phones. Had a similar problem with my Trophy, which they also replaced.

Good luck!