Nokia Lumia 928 Frozen even after soft boot

Hello, my Nokia Lumia 928 is frozen - it is fully charged and I did the soft boot three times (hold down power + volume down keys for 15 secs). I want to do the reset to factory settings but I need to backup my SIM card/contact etc to my Windows 7 P.C.

Do you have a program that I need to download for this?

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Re: Nokia Lumia 928 Frozen even after soft boot
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We want your phone to work top notch at all times! Sorry to hear it is not responding. Did you upgrade to a new software or downloaded a new app before issue begin? Any physical or liquid damage to the phone? You can certainly transfer pictures and videos to your computer by using your USB cable. Here is a link that will provide the steps for you:

For your contacts, it would be imperative that you backed them up before through our Backup Assistant/Cloud program. If you did use this program before, a contact restore can be done after the reset. To perform a factory reset, please follow this link below:


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