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Nokia Lumia 928 defects and horrible customer service

I am really disappointed not only with the Nokia 928 but with Verizon Wireless and their lack of knowledge with this device. I have only had my device for almost 2 Months now and I have already had to call more than twice, after it froze up on me or wouldn't start and it's well taken care of phone. Never dropped or water damage. But yesterday the speaker went out on it, I was unable to hear anything from my phone including headphones. I called in and they asked me to reset my phone, but before I was asked to download Verizon cloud by the technician assisting me in fixing my phone, I did not know that a windows does not use verizon cloud. But I'm guessing a technician assisting a customer to fix a problem should know their devices properly, so we ended up going another route, I reset my phone but I had no clue that I would need to re enter my  Microsoft  account  information all over again, because for one I was never told that  by resetting my phone I would be shipping my phone clean, and second I didn't remember my user name or password, which I have no way of knowing how to recover it and Microsoft won't even help me either. So after loosing all my purchased apps my very special pictures and videos of my kids and my contacts i still had to wait 4 days after I receive a new phone, because if I wanted it in 2 days I had to pay for that shipping yet it was a defective issue. All they could say is I'm sorry,,,

1 I'm sorry your phone does not work.

2 I'm sorry you lost all your information.

3. I'm sorry we did not tell you all your information would be lost

4 I'm sorry we did not tell you, you needed to be able to log back in to your Microsoft account in order to retrieve all your data before asking you to swipe your phone clean.

5 I'm sorry it will take 4 days to receive your phone unless you pay for overnight shipping on a defected phone

6 I'm sorry for not being helpful

I'm sorry I switched from AT&T to Verizon!!!

Since I'm stuck with this phone can anyone help me how to recover my username and password to my Microsoft account?

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Re: Nokia Lumia 928 defects and horrible customer service

Windows phones use the Microsoft cloud solution OneDrive. This is better because you'll keep all your files even if you switch phone carriers. You can easily get to OneDrive from (same as or by using the main dropdown menu in the upper right corner of your email. All my photos are automatically uploaded to OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive) right from the phone.

Re: Nokia Lumia 928 defects and horrible customer service

Do you know your, or email address?

Here is a web site that can help you figure this out.