Nokia Lumia 928 headphone issue?
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Hey all, I've had the Lumia 928 for about a year now. I've been disappointed by the processing speed mostly, but also the look. When you have the phone on in a dim room, the buttons on the bottom light up to reveal some backing that wasn't peeled off all the way. I know it's a little picky, but I expected more out of Nokia.

On another note, my calls started having issues with the earpiece. A couple of months ago I would answer the call and not be able to hear the person on the other end until I used speakerphone mode. I was still under warranty and the new device seems to be doing fine.

And the most important note: ear bud shocking. I have an older set of ear-buds and I've used them in the phone and I liked them because they have a premium feel and audio quality. They have signs of use on the ear-buds and so when they started electrifying my ear, I just assumed it was the buds. I have now also tried a set of iPhone ear-buds and they do the exact same thing and now in the warranty replacement device.

I am determined to not get another warranty device. Windows phone has proven to be behind in many ways, so I am waiting for the LG G3 to come out and I will upgrade to that phone. I just wanted to see if there were others with similar complaints or if not, to let people know some of the issues I've run into with this phone.

On a good note, this phone is great at taking pictures and is ok with games. It's quite slow with web browsing though.

Join me if you have similar issues or questions about the Lumia 928!

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I am on my second 928. The ear piece started cutting out every now and then and after 9 months it was happening more frequently to the point I could make several calls and not hear the receiving phone ring or someone would call and I could not hear them. My only fix was to reboot the phone then the issue would still be sporadic. Verizon replaced the phone and all was well for 4 months and now my replaced phone started doing the same thing. Of course the warranty on the replaced phone has passed and still have 10 months to go before I can upgrade. I am jumping to the Edge program though I know it will cost me more initially but when, not if, this phone craps out I won't be stuck with a useless phone.


"A couple of months ago I would answer the call and not be able to hear the person on the other end until I used speakerphone mode."

Yep, that is me too... only I can make calls and when I switch to speakerphone, the person is there and not happy.