Pantech Hotshot keeps restarting.

Hello, my Pantech Hotshot keeps restarting, but only when I try to access my "recent calls". Any idea why this could be happening?


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Re: Pantech Hotshot keeps restarting.
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thats an odd place for the phone to restart. have you tried a factory reset yet? if not then i would go to backup assistant and make sure your contacts are backed up, then go to settings>memory>phone memory> move all to card (if you have one installed). this will backup your sounds, contacts, and pictures to an sd card. after that remove the sd card and restart the phone. then go to settings>phone settings> security. when you hit this, it will ask you for a 4 digit code. the code is the last 4 numbers of your mobile number (aka if your number was 012-345-6789, then 6789 would be your security code). (if you cant remember your number right off, go to settings>phone info> my number). enter this then go to restore phone. it will tell you it will erase your user data and restore the phone to factory. hit yes then it will ask for the 4 digit code again. then it will say dial *228 after power cycle and hit next. then it wwill restore the phone and restart. then when it turns on, hit activate now and do all that. then once it programs and restartsd and you get past the backup assistant and personalize stuff, try going to recent calls, if it still crashes going to recent calls, then there is something that has gone wrong in the phone itself and i would call tech support (via customer support) on a different phone than the one having issues