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I've received several calls over the course of the past few days from a 12-digit phone number, several times at very inconvenient hours. When I answered a man speaking a foreign language tries speaking to me, then when I asked "Hello?" he responded "Hello" in english, and when I said "wrong number", he responded "Oh, OK," again, english. Yet the calls have persisted, it sounds like the same voice, but now if I do answer "Hello" the other person just continues speaking in a foreign language, at first to me, then low and aside as if not even to me, as if to someone next to him, several times in a row.  I've stopped answering calls from the number, and usually I'd write this sort of thing off as a prank, or just an annoying idiot, but the 12-digit number with a national calling code I can't identify, and the caller's persistence has got me quite annoyed.  What's more, apparently you can only block regular 10-digit numbers here online.  About 2 months ago I had to change my email address because of a (thankfully blocked) access attempt from a foreign country (I forgot which), and I'm worried someone may be accessing or trying to access my personal information.  Let me also add that I'm not just being paranoid or thinking someone is stalking me or anything like that, I'm just well aware of phishing scams and I know there's no reason a caller from such a suspicious number would be so persistent after acknowledging a wrong number and speak in such a way as if to keep me holding on the line if they were just innocently trying to reach someone, and I'd like some more info from someone who knows a bit about these sorts of situations.

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Re: Phishing
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A)  Can I block the number
B)  Can I report the number for a possible scam
C)  What kind of information could they get with my phone number, or just by calling my phone, without myself giving them any info?
D)  Potential of my information already having been stolen?
E)  Action I should take?  (Preferably from a Verizon rep).

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What's the number? Most likely someone that doesn't speak english and does understand wrong number. If you give the number I can try to figure out what country and language then translate "wrong number" for you.

Re: Phishing
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Protecting your privacy is a priority here for us at Verizon and from what you have described it definitely sounds like you are receiving spam calls/emails. This type of scam is known as phishing and are designed to con individuals into providing personal information through fraudulent emails or calls, masking them like they from a legitimate business. 

For consumers protection Verizon offers a free call and message block which gives you the option to block any 10 digit US phone number from both calling and texting your phone. Since you stated that it is an international number that has been calling you this option may not work but we do have another option of adding usage controls to your account, which will give you the ability to block international numbers. For more info on usage control visit:

In addition we also have the option of adding your number to the national do not call list. In adding your number to the national do not a call data base it will prevent your number from being contacted by any telemarketing and a large majority of unwanted calls. To register your number you can call the toll-free registration number: 888-382-1222 or visit the website.

Also here are some steps you can follow if you receive a phishing or spam email:
  • Do not to respond to the email.
  • If email has already been opened or responded to, change login and password credentials immediately.
  • Do not click on any links in the email.
  • Insert the fraudulent email into a new email and send it to for review.

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