Phone locking up

I had the phone one day and went to answer a call.  Phone locked up and no response to the power button.  Had to remove the battery and replace it to get it to reboot and get it where it was working again.  At this point I cannot say if it is just a one time thing, or is a common glich with the phone, or operating system (Windows operating systems on the PC's does have a reputation for locking up).

I am just wondering if anyone else is having this.

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Re: Phone locking up
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There are sporadic people with similar issues.  I haven't had any of these symptoms with my 822.

Try homedic's recommendations,

Re: Phone locking up
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My phone has locked up before. Usually when using bluetooth.  The phone itself seems to be running, but no buttons or screen taps make a difference.  I also have had a situation where the phone just gives up on bluetooth.  No audio is sent via bluetooth.  Turning BT on and off makes no difference, but restarting the phone fixes it.  Aside from that, NO problems.