Please release windows phone 8.1 already.

I feel as if iOS is far more important than any other operating system. I have been waiting for months and months for the update for my windows phone. When I first heard about it I was so glad that I am going to have a replenish experienced and even more to get things done, but in this delight my sweet carrier, "Verizon" seem to hate windows phone first I've heard that they are discontinuing Lumia Icon and it gets to my nerves so much how badly there service is. It so unfair when the league, "apple" has a new operating system and within months not even its already on hands for every user. I am so mad that Verizon has such bias opinion and thinks because windows phone is not as popular as other operating system doesn't mean put it outside and let everybody suffer. Yes, the developer preview is nice, but its buggy and not as smooth. Please Verizon get your crap together and release it soon. If service like this is not taking care of your are going to lose customer including me and my whole family who I though would be delighted to have such great service, but its obvious its a downgrade.

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Personally I think its time to leave Verizon.  I have 4 phones on my plan (2 iPhone and 2 windows phones) with them and I was even thinking about making the switch to fios.  I purchased my 928 and icon (both now run the 8.1 dev preview)  with the expectation that they would be kept up to date in a reasonable time frame.  That hasn't happened and since 3 of my devices qualify for upgrades I will eat the cost on the 4th and make the switch. At this point a company that cant be honest and communicate with its users doesn't deserve my dollars. 

It appears AT&T supports the windows platform and are even expand their Windows offerings.  The only way to show Verizon that the windows phone community is serious is with our $$$$.  bye bye Verizon .