PocketNow Review Lumia 950XL: "Nope"
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For everyone screaming for the 950 on Verizon, check out the PocketNow review before you get too crazy. These guys are generally very positive about Microsoft products - they're not Apple/Android fanboys. This is a perfect example of why I'm not getting spun up about no 950 on Verizon and am content to wait for the Surface Phone.

Lumia 950 XL Review: Nope - YouTube

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I have been using the 950XL since it was released. I am satisfied with the switch. I had the 928 here on VZW and loved it. It started having issues so I was ready to get another phone. I choose 950XL because of external storage, continuum, iris scan, removable battery, large screen and camera. I don't have or have experienced problems like in the video. Set up and backup migration from my 928 took awhile but I got all of my apps but the Here Suite apps and one other. Battery life was questionable at first. Like my 928, I had to turn off apps that run in the background when you first use them. That settled the battery issue for me. There was an update that made it even better. The Camera is awesome, Continuum is awesome, I have a 200gig mircosd card and was able to put my entire 70gigs of music on the card plus my movies. The windows 10 mobile does need updating and fixes. That is no different than windows 8 to 8.1 as well as every other Mobile OS. You can go to any forum site for phones and it's OS and find problems that get fixed with updates. That's how it's been, is and will be. Like all others a year from now should see even better improvements. Would I recommend this phone to someone else. The answer is Yes. Though not everyone needs all of it's features. My wife didn't need or want continuum or iris scanner. She was good with the 640XL. But if you can't wait for the surface phone of which I bet will have problems at first, and you need or want a phone with these features and hardware the 950XL is a great choice in my opinion. I am glad I made the move. If anyone has questions about phone, I'll do my best to answer.