Posting to this "forum" will not get you new Windows Phones!!!
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Those who already own Verizon phones are essentially the only participants on this forum.  Executives think the forum is monitored and VZW will tell you that the forum is self-monitored.  Regardless, it's a waste of time to complain out here.

The responses have been hitting my email by posting requests on Verizon Facebook.  VZW Facebook has haters, shoppers, geeks, trolls and pathetic "customer service" employees who do everything they can to get the customer using their device - so the excessive billing for data and minutes can begin.  The haters are amusing and I have to wonder what these AT&T and T-Mobile customers think when they read the hate-posts on the Facebook page.  Surely, they realize that the grass isn't any greener.

Response has been generic from VZW.  "Sign up for our device notification email - or - We will have more about the Windows Phones in the upcoming months".  It, at least appears that someone on the VZW payroll is reading.

It's pretty much open season on the VZW Facebook site.  Post complaints.  Post forum links.  Post news articles.  Pretty much anything that will insult VZW into doing something about the Windows Phones.  (My preference is to compare it to VZW not carrying the iPhone while AT&T gets all of the glory.  This seems to be the case with the Nokia 900 WP.)

Please join me.  It's much more fun to blow off steam on Facebook, where others can see what VZW is all about.  Everyone out here on this forum already hate VZW, so we are really not gaining any momentum by posting out here.

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You can post and/or complain as much as you want or anywhere you want but Verizon has already made thier plans known.

The most relevant part being: "Shammo (Verizon CFO) said that Verizon Wireless expects to have phones based on the next Microsoft software in time for the 2012 end of year holiday shopping season."

Windows phones are coming and have even been promised to get a big push, but it's going to be a little while.