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Problem either sending text messages or receiving them

I have been having a problem for over a month.  I have an HTC Thunderbolt and my boyfriend has a Samsung Galaxy II,  We are both Verizon customers.   Suddenly sometime last month, he stopped receiving text messages from me that are more than a sentence or two.  We haven't figured out where the cutoff seems to be.  But if I send him a message of any length even though my phone says it was sent, it wasn't received on his end.   And suddenly a  few days ago, he received a longer text message that I had sent him in mid July that he had never received before...and he received it twice.  And he also received another old text message from the middle of July, as well, and it was combined with a part of a longer text message I attempted to send him on the weekend.  I have no problem sending longer messages to everyone else I communicate with, but for some reason his phone isn't receiving my texts unless they are short messages.  

He stopped at a Verizon store today and they told him it must be my phone.  It doesn't make sense.  My phone sends fine and as proven by the fact that he suddenly received a message over a month old last week, the message did leave my phone.  It just took over a month to reach him.  There has to be a problem between his number and mine or something within the settings of his phone must need to be changed to allow him to receive my texts when I send them.

I'd appreciate any technical help you can provide.  This is really frustrating and aggravating at times when this is the only way we can communicate and our communication has a time requirement.

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Re: Problem either sending text messages or receiving them
Customer Support

Hello to you Anbacheler!

I text all of the time and I know just how important it is for others to receive my messages.  I could only imagine how frustrated you may be when your boyfriend doesn't receive your entire message.

Based on the information you've provided it is difficult to find the disconnect.  I personally would prefer to troubleshoot both devices just to be on the safe side.  You mentioned you both are on Verizon so that's what we will do!

The easiest step to start with is to completely delete and readd both of your contacts from each of your phones. 

Then I would recommend deleting the Message threads from each other on your phones. 

If either of you are using a third party messaging application, I would unistall that application for now and see if that corrects the issue.

Try these steps first and let us know if it worked or not!


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